I collabed with Chelsey Smith Cosmetics and did a wig try on and first impression! I have been wanting to try out wigs for quite some time but have yet to make the plunge in getting my hands on one. Chelsey was kind enough to gift me one from her collection in exchange for a review. It’s safe to say I am officially addicted now. 

The wig is a high quality synthetic with. It is a gorgeous purple shade with a dark root. It is a lace front with slight pre plucking near the part. It also comes with combs and a band (not sure if that is the right term)  on the inner portion of the wig to make sure everything sits securely in place. She also includes a free wig cap with every purchase. I haven’t had the chance to try and glue it down yet, but I did try it on for my FB page tonight on a FB LIVE. 

Check out my try on and first impression in the video below. Use code: MIRANDA10 for 10% off any wig on Chelsey’s website!