Yes, you read that title correctly. I got fired and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

Let me give you a little bit of a back story. I was in my early twenties and I had accepted a new position that was super close to my downtown apartment. I was a receptionist for a well known hometown Dr. She was great. She was young, hip, and seemed really excited to bring me on board. She had explained to me the high turn over of this position when she interviewed me. For some reason it did not set off any red flags. Maybe it was because I was young, maybe I was naive, or maybe I was overly confident as I had been a receptionist in a surgeons office responsible for 7 surgeon’s schedules prior to accepting this. Whatever the reason was I still accepted the position and was very excited to be working so close to home finally.

I learned very quickly that I had 2 very different personalities I would be working with. There were 2 medical assistants in the office. 1 became a really good friend of mine, who later would attend our wedding and enjoy girls nights etc. The other… was a nightmare. This woman was angry ALL THE TIME. She was short tempered, did not enjoy people, and my luck she was the one to train me on the job. I noticed quickly that her relationship with the Dr. was abnormal. She did tons of work outside of the office for her that had nothing to do with our job descriptions. The Dr. would pay her to wrap christmas gifts for her kids, she would sew school costumes for the Dr.’s kids, it was just all around odd.

I started sensing that she hated that the Dr. liked me. I’m a huge people person and enjoy small talk. On slow days when patients weren’t around we would laugh and chat and I could see it in this womans eyes that she HATED me for it.

The entire time I was being trained on their new computer system she was so horrible to me. If I didn’t see the button she was telling me to push within .2 seconds she would yell at me. She was nasty and nearly made me cry in the office more times than I can count. It was like nothing I ever did was right or good enough and it created the most toxic working environment I have ever experienced to date. I was now realizing why this position had such a high turn over. It was HER.

A few months later my birthday rolled around and I was invited on a trip to Cancun with my cousin. I asked the Dr. for permission before I finalized plans. She was more than okay with it. We chatted before I left and she told me “We love having you here. All of our patients are so happy to see your smiling face when they come to the office. I really think this is the start of a wonderful long term working relationship. You’re doing such a great job.”And with that I left for my trip feeling confident and excited to celebrate my birthday. 

Within a week of returning from Mexico I was fired.

Yep. I was totally caught off guard. Never given a reason other than “I just don’t think this is working out.” I was devestated. I had  NEVER been fired before. I had bills to pay. What was I going to do? I had just started dating Kyle, my now husband, and we were in no way ready to move in together. I was scared  and felt like a huge disappointment. 

I later found out that the MA who treated me so poorly did everything she could to get me out of the office while I was gone on vacation. I was so hurt. I have no idea to this day what I ever did to make her not like me. And still no official reason as to why I was fired other than…that MA made such a stink over me that the Dr. didn’t want to deal with it. 

I really felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was chatting with Kyle and we had talked about moving in together once my lease was up. However I still had another 5 months. I didn’t want to get a new job only to leave it in 5 months and move. So we made the scary decision to move me to his place in Bay City while I finished paying my rent.

So I packed my bags and moved to Bay City. There I was able to land a job with the hospital that I had worked with for years  before I accepted the new position close to my apartment. It was a new city and different location, however it was a wonderful experience and it felt good to be surrounded by kind people again. 

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because at the time that this all happened I truly felt like I was at rock bottom. I had no idea what I was going to do. I had to make some really scary decisons and I was forced well out of my comfort zone. However it was the BEST thing that could have ever happened to me. 

Without being fired I may have never moved to a new city, my long distance relationship may not have been able to last, I would have never made the new friends that I did. Being fired and being forced out of my comfort zone allowed me to learn to go with the flow and make choices that, while they were scary, they were GOOD. Growth doesn’t come from a comfort zone. It comes from getting uncomfortable when life throws you a curve ball. It comes from the mess and chaos and changes that all of a sudden show up at your door step. Had I not been fired I may have never left my home town or eventually been able to pursure my passions as I have now. I may have never created The Maven Life or found my passion for marketing. I would most likely be stuck in my hometown, probably still working for the same office, unhappy with the toxic work environment, and had little to no mind growth. 

If you are reading this and currently are going through something difficult I just want you to keep this in mind…Sometimes the biggest blessings come out of the biggest struggles. With every negative experience or failure comes growth and a renewal of your mind. Your path in life was never meant to be a straight road forward. There will be curves, and hills, and bends, and it all will lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Try to view your current or next struggle as a new path emerging. And instead of walking into it with fear, channel that into excitement of the unknown. You never know what amazing things are about to unfold before you.

Here’s to failures and new paths. May they bring you closer to who you were destined to be.


Miranda Woodruff

The Maven Life