My best friend is getting married so we (the bridal party) threw her an EPIC Friday the 13th bachelorette party and had a “killer” time. 



We arrived to Abby’s parents cabin on the lake on Friday the 13th (cue the scary music), and began decorating our set up. And by we I mean most of the other bridesmaids because I arrived later due to school (lame). We all pitched in for food and booze. The bridal party had matching flannels (I will insert the pic as soon as I get it. Hella cute you guys), and we were most definitely ready to party. 

We also had fun props to utilize the entire weekend which included monster/ villain masks, headbands with bloody axes on them, and a pack of coasters with funny faces on them that had nothing to do with the theme, but none the less were hilarious  (thanks to me. I’m immature like that.)

This was by far one of the most fun weekends I have had in a while. I’ll be honest, I get really nervous about traveling and even though it was only an hour or so away I was having massive anxiety about being gone for the weekend. I tend to get really emotionally & physically drained when I’m around a huge group of people for a long time. That may sound weird to some but for those who are empaths or deal with anxiety issues you will understand. However this weekend ended up being super relaxing. I swear we spent the entire time laughing. I laughed so hard that I pretty much lost my voice now. Everything was super chill and laid back. We played cards against humanity, danced, had snacks, and simply enjoyed each others company. 


**We also decided to play pin the d**k on the big foot and it was HILARIOUS. Sorry this is inappropriate for anyone under age. But like you did open this fully knowing it was about a bachelorette party so…I can’t be blamed!  








I would definitely say this was by far one of the most creative, relaxed, and fun bachelorette parties I have ever attended. I am so excited to celebrate my beautiful friend Abby and her soon to be husband Phil this November. If the bachelorette party was this good I can only imagine what the wedding will be like!!

What are some creative bachelorette parties you have been to?! I want to hear about some other awesome themes!!



Miranda Woodruff

The Maven Life