This month Kyle and I had the chance to travel back to my hometown of good ol’ Owosso Michigan and do some shopping during their #ChristmasOnMain event! I go back often to visit family, but I haven’t had the opportunity to experience some of the new shops that Owosso has opened since I moved away. I was pleasantly surprised at how many unique gift shops they have to offer as well as new dining experiences. I did take a vlog of the whole trip, however the SD Card has been misplaced somewhere and so for now you all will have to settle for a blog post. (Why on earth do things go missing when you need them most?!)

We started off the morning with Kyle getting a fresh haircut. husband is that guy and “needs” a fresh fade weekly. My cousin’s husband Jordan works at The Lounge Barber Shop & Shave Parlor right on main street. This shop has such a cool vintage vibe to it. I know Kyle prefers a barber shop over an actual salon for his hair type. Jordan was able to hook him up with a fresh fade so he could feel top notch the rest of the day!

Img. via The Lounge Barber Shop FB Page

After his hair cut we stopped over at Aviator Jayne. This shop has been one I have wanted to check out for a while now. It reminds me of one of those home decor/ trinket shops you would find in a small city up north. They have a great variety of super unique gift finds as well as the cutest home decor I have laid eyes on. Kyle and I both agreed that we must come back to get some items for the new house once we have everything painted and in order. If you are ever on the hunt for a unique gift item you HAVE to stop into this shop.

Img. via Aviator Jayne FB Page

A few stops down main street we came to my dear friend Kendra’s makeup studio, Makeup By Kendra Leigh . I LOVE visiting Kendra. Not only is she incredibly talented, she has one of the softest and kindest hearts around. She makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk in. We draw names on my side of the family for Christmas gifts and needed to get something for my sister in law Ashley. She is a makeup addict just like me and luckily Kendra has so many items right up our alley. We ended up scoring an amazing deal on a beautiful eyeshadow palette for Ashely. I totally could have stayed longer and shopped for myself. I always love seeing what new items Kendra has in stock. You can also schedule appointments with her for special occasion makeup. If I wasn’t so old and lame and actually had plans for NYE that’s exactly what I would have done.

Before we left Kendra gave us a handout that showed all participating shops as well as where to find Santa for a photo, The Polar Express (YES the REAL Polar Express lives in Owosso!), sleigh rides, and more. I was really surprised with how many shops were participating with the #ChristmasOnMain event. The cool thing is you can take that handout and at every participating shop you get a stamp. If you get all of your stamps filled you get to enter a chance to win 4 FREE tickets to The Polar Express Train Ride they host each year. A great family friendly holiday activity.

We headed over to Lambrini’s Health & Beauty ( for a FREE massage next! You have no idea how excited we were. Kyle lives a very active lifestyle and is always sore from the gym. And I….honestly don’t have an excuse other than being pregnant now and sleep gets weird and leaves me feeling sore. When we read that Lambrini’s was offering FREE massages we had to go check their place out. When we got there they had the cutest goats on the planet in the front. We had the chance to pet them and love on them a little before we went in. I honestly feel like I want a pet goat now. They are the cutest!!

Cutie baby goat. I can’t even handle it!!
Best massage and it was FREE! Thank you Tori!

At this point we had been walking around town for quite sometime so we decided to take a lunch break and meet up with my cousin Tori, her husband Jordan, and their newborn son Crosby. We were so excited because this was the first chance we had gotten to meet Crosby. Being that we are about to become new parents in 2020 we had so many questions to ask them. We met up at Abiding in the Vine, which is a little dining spot downtown. This was the most eclectic restaurant we have ever been in! It was so cute and different. You feel like you’re walking into grandma’s house for a nice cup of tea. It had a very welcoming vibe and had so many interesting things to look at as far as their decor goes. A great spot to host a baby shower or meet up with friends. Not to mention the food was delish! Legit like homemade grandma’s cooking. We loved it.

Img. via Abiding in the Vine FB Page

After lunch it was time to try and find the Grinch for a photo. It’s always fun to see the kids around town who either love or hate him. There is usually always a line to get near him for a photo. Murtle’s Handmade Chocolate bought the costume and has the same gentleman pose as the Grinch each year. It’s definitely a fan favorite (maybe even more than Santa!) We also couldn’t leave without grabbing some goodies from Murtles. WOW. All I can say is…if you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does Murtle’s is the place to be! There wasn’t one thing we didn’t like in our assortment we chose.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon into early evening we explored more of the town and did more shopping. We stopped to take some photos throughout town (#DoItForTheGram you know). We had a free gift waiting for us at Apple Tree Lane, which I had never heard of before. It’s the cutest little gift shop that reminded me of a shop we went to in Traverse City a few years back. It has so many awesome items including yummy food! They gifted us a HUGE box of popcorn. Like one of those variety packs with all different flavors. We were so grateful. While we were there we also grabbed an all natural lotion made from goats milk. My feet get incredibly dry, especially in the winter, so as soon as I came across it I knew I had to have it. Afterwards we stopped in at Blossom Boutique and purchased our first baby bag! It’s like a backpack and light grey in color. We both love it and are so excited to use it! Blossom has the cutest baby/infant/children’s selection of clothing and accessories. They also have a bakery in the back called Nom Nom Sweeties . Let’s just say we were all sweetened out by the time our trip was over. SO MANY YUMMY TREATS!!

Img. via Blossom Boutique FB Page
Img. via Nom Nom Sweeties FB Page
Check out our goodies! Isn’t that baby bag to die for?! #Obsessed

So as you can tell we were exhausted from walking around all day. We had some great gifts picked up for family (and ourselves) and wanted to fill our bellies. I have been hearing tons about this new restaurant downtown (well, new to me anyway) called Lula’s Louisiana Cookhouse. It’s basically a two in one. On one side you have the cookhouse and then on the other side you have their lounge called Lily Pearl’s Lounge .

We dined on the lounge side and it was AMAZING. I didn’t even feel like I was in Owosso. It felt very high end and like we were in a bigger city. The staff was friendly and accommodating. They made some great suggestions on what we should try for food. I will say it was hard for me to find anything to try without chicken. I’ve been having this weird food aversion ever since I became pregnant with chicken. So I opted for a seafood salad (cooked seafood and ingredients approved by my dr.). The portion was legit out of this world huge lol Our waitress had warned me it was more of a dish that you share with others, but being that I didn’t want anything with chicken in it I didn’t care. I figured I could just take it home in a box. And that is exactly what I did…in 2 boxes! It was super delicious. Kyle had some sort of a Jumbalaya dish and finished it so fast I’m not even sure he tasted it. He was in love.

Not only was the food great, but the atmosphere was awesome! They even had a LIVE jazz band playing. When I grew up in Owosso we never had restaurants like this. It was either fast food or Ponderosa/Bob Evans type of restaurants. And not that there is anything wrong with them..they just don’t have the high end/ date night/ big city life atmosphere that Lily Pearl’s Lounge does. We will definitely be back next time we are in town.

Img. via Lily Pearls FB Page
Can you say…HUGE PORTION!!! Lol

Once we wrapped up our evening there was one more landmark I needed to take Kyle to. If you know Owosso or grew up there you probably already know what that is.

Curwood Castle.

If you’re not familiar with Curwood Castle, long story short it was built by a famous author (James Oliver Curwood) years and years ago. It sits right along the Shiawassee river and is a staple in the community. You can go on tours of it, take pictures near it, I’m pretty sure people have even been married in it or at least outside on the lawn? It holds a special place in my heart. There were many school dances where my friends and I met to take pictures all dolled up near it. When I was little I won the title of Curwood Princess Court in the year 2000. And then in recent years my little sister Kaycee won the title of Curwood Queen for 2016 (I believe was her year..I’m getting old.) It will always be a place I look at and think fondly of.

I’m really glad we made this day trip to visit my hometown. So much has changed since I moved away. It makes my heart happy to see the direction the city is going in. For a long time it felt as though the city was stagnant and there wasn’t much to do. Now it feels as though a new life has been born. Young entrepreneurs investing into their town. A city manager who believes in not only the city but the people who reside in it. Owosso simply feels like home. I would definitely recommend that you guys go give their page Downtown Owosso a like and follow to keep up with future events. We plan on coming back next year with our new bundle of joy. Maybe we will run into you there!

XoXo, The Maven Life